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by Mark Hammond


Success stories: 47 units sold in a single day

Success Stories

Today we introduce you to Mark, one of many success stories here at Platinum Business Partners.


Mark started his ecommerce business selling pet grooming products to the US and UK in 2016. Mark has had some great success with his business and the best sale day so far was 47 units. The business is currently averaging at about $11,000 per month but Mark plans to increase that to $50,000 by the end of 2018.


The first product Mark sold was dog waste bags which proved a real hit and surpassed expectations. They have sold to 6,000 customers and have a 10% customer repeat buyer rate so Mark plans on keeping his current products as well as adding other variations as time moves on.


Mark has managed to build up a good social media following through being active and engaging with customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


Mark has been surprised with the UK market as it is considered to have a smaller customer base than the USA but the products have really taken off in the UK and he has customers from all over the country – well Brits are known for loving their dogs!

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