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Meet our PBP Partners: Jeetin

Success Stories

Platinum Business Partners recently caught up with one of our partners Jeetin (Jay) Shah. Jay works full time as a property manager alongside building his own brand ‘Momentous Fit Gear’ which he has been selling through Amazon since the beginning of this year.

We asked Jay a few questions about his experience with Platinum Business Partners and joining the world of eCommerce.

Why did you join Platinum Business Partners?

I was looking at various franchise opportunities because I believed that I just required that extra little support to take my business to the next level. I have sold online before but I didn’t really get the kind of traction I wanted. So, I went to various different franchise shows and saw Platinum Business Partners. I decided to go and meet the team at the head office and I felt really comfortable that I would get the support that would be required.

When did you join Platinum Business Partners?

I joined in January 2018 and I’ve been selling my ab roller on the Amazon UK Market for the past two months.

How many products do you have live?

I’ve currently got one product live and I’m working on my second one. For my second product I’m considering choosing a suspension trainer so it will also be in the sports and fitness category. Hopefully this product will be selling at a higher margin than my first one.

Why did you choose to start an eCommerce business?

The reason I started an eCommerce business was because of the time and freedom it would give me. I felt that I can do my regular job of managing my properties whilst I’m working on creating this eCommerce business. Also because of the support that’s available I knew that I can catch up with my mentor anytime while I’m out and about so it works well for me.

What are your plans for next year?

My plans for my first financial trading year is to launch four products in the UK. Once I’ve done that I’ll probably analyse where the brand is and consider maybe even opening up another brand.

What advice would you give to those interested in starting their own eCommerce business?

My advice to anyone that’s looking to start up a new franchise or get into the eCommerce world is just to start. There’s never a right time for business so just do it!


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