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What makes a great brand name?


When it comes to ecommerce businesses one of the major stumbling blocks when starting out is picking a great name for your brand. Brand name selection is often an overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting experience. So, what’s in a brand name? Everything and nothing. The right name will help distinguish you from a sea of bland competitors, provide your customers with a reason to buy from you, and aid in the branding of your business. Whilst a brand name won’t make up for serious deficiencies in your business, it is incredibly important.

One of the most effective ways to get started with naming your brand is by going back to the basics. Take time to consider the foundation of your business, what do you want your brand to stand for and what do you hope to accomplish.

Every online business owner wants their brand name to resonate with their target audience, be memorable and catchy. This can create a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect name. While there are many different naming best practices, the brand naming process and the end result can have some universal similarities.

There are hundreds of styles and trends in brand names, but several rise to the top as the most common brand name styles:

1. Different or Made Up (unique)

A unique business name can have the power to be more memorable than its everyday counterparts.

2. Mainstream Words

Mainstream names use common everyday words and turn them into a brand. You won’t find any hard-to-pronounce or made up words in this business naming style, and mispronunciations and spelling errors are not common.

3. Based on your name

Brand names in this style often use a first name, surname or another name to distinguish the company.

4. Obvious

Any brand name that makes it clear what the brand is about can be considered an obvious business name.

5. Trendy

Trendy names are popular among tech companies or any business with its finger on the pulse of all that is new. Relying on a trend that has the potential to change could be dangerous; trendy brand names may be difficult to pronounce and/or spell.

6. Abbreviated Initials

This brand name style takes the initials of the official name to make an abbreviation that becomes the brand name.

So, now you know what a good brand name looks like, how do you go about actually creating one? Here are our top tips:

1. Know What Makes a Good Name

Most people already know intuitively what makes a good business name. Don’t overthink it.

2. Brainstorm a List of Names

Once you are confident you’d know a good name if you saw one, you need to come up with a few keywords to get you started. You probably already have a few in mind. If you’re still lost, look for successful competitors and rapid-growth companies and use them for inspiration.

3. Huge time saver – Lean Domain Search

Check out Lean Domain Search (a fantastic online tool for brainstorming domain names) and enter in your initial keyword ideas. It returns results of available domain name options using your keywords, majoring on a huge number of variations, giving you ideas and inspiration of possible names.

At this point, you should have a pretty decent amount of name combinations to look through.

4. Narrow It Down to a Few Great Names

Now the mind-numbing part of it all – combing through the list of names. Try to avoid the temptation to get caught up in this stage. Every new brand name will have pros and cons to varying degrees. There is no real process at this point to what names you should be picking – just save the ones that sound decent – ideally something relatively short, simple and memorable.

Oh, and make sure you don’t use, borrow, or modify an existing famous brand name.

Naming your ecommerce brand is a serious matter. The name you choose can play an integral part in the marketing of your business. Your name is able to project your image, brand, and position in the marketplace. Choose it wisely.

Here’s to your brand naming success!

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