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by Charles Millar


The 3 key principles of eCommerce success


Asking the right questions is always the first step to ensure you achieve success when creating an eCommerce business.

In this week’s blog, our Head Mentor and Trainer, Charles Millar has summed up the 3 key principles you need to know to ensure you gain eCommerce success.

So what are the three core principles of any eCommerce business and why are they important?

Relevancy + Traffic + Conversion = 3 core principles

These three core principles form the cornerstone for any eCommerce business. The goal of any eCommerce business is to achieve organic ranking and wanting your product to be showing at the top and these 3 core principles work together to achieve this goal.

Relevancy – this is quite simply how relevant and suitable your product is to your customer and their search. You have a much better chance of selling your product to prospect customers if they can find your product and its suitable to what they are searching for.

Traffic – just putting a product online isn’t enough to generate sales. If only it was that easy! You have to drive traffic to your products by using marketing strategies such as paid advertising to get product visibility.

Conversion – make those sales! Lots of different factors play into converting prospect customers to actually purchase your product. Good product images and descriptions are very important to convince people to make a purchase.

Find out all these and more with Charles in his training video below!

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