Ecommerce Success Stories

Discover how PBP has worked for others from all walks of life.

Nigel & Glenn, Pet products

"We could see that the online retail sector is only set to grow and grow and that markets will open up in other territories. The start-up costs were fairly low in comparison to other businesses, but there is unlimited potential for us to grow our business to a size that suits us."

Bryan, Outdoor Anywhere

"I heard about this amazing opportunity to build my own business in the massively growing market of ecommerce and liked the idea of being able to do so from anywhere in the world, working flexible hours."

Mark, Luminositie

"I’ve had businesses before in the retail space, but the return was slow and it took an awful lot of work to generate any income. But my key motivation was not necessarily financial, it was more about time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a hard day’s work, but I don’t want to be doing 60 hour weeks or spending all of it away from home."

Natasha, Luminositie

"To date, all of my work has involved trading a lot of my time for money. I do enjoy it but I wanted to fnd a way to have a better balance, where I can pick and choose who my clients are and also have a degree of income that’s more predictable."

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