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by Charles Millar

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How to create a great branding for your products


Going the extra mile is essential when building your eCommerce brand.

Over the years, branding is one topic I have found most people avoid when starting their business. After talking to hundreds of eCommerce entrepreneurs, it was a common and recurring theme. Most understood the importance of building a brand, but beyond a logo, many didn’t know what exactly a brand was and they had absolutely no idea where to begin to craft one. 

Branding is one of the most important elements in building a successful eCommerce business as it helps to develop a longstanding and likeable brand with your audience. However many people think that a brand is simply just the logo but it is so much more.

As a mentor to many people over the years, I have found that it is a common theme that many didn’t know what exactly a brand was and no idea where to even begin creating one.

Branding is really important because a good brand and how your product looks and feels is going to differentiate you from most of the competition out there.

We all know that branding can make or break a product. Take Apple for example – an Apple laptop is typically twice as expensive as the PC equivalent but people will pay more as they are buying into the branding, the ethos of the business and the customer service.

SO how do we go about making a great brand? And what resources are out there to help us achieve this?

Firstly don’t panic if you’re not creative. There’s lot of resources out there to help with creating logos, images for your website and social channels and making good quality packaging.

My recommended programs to use for this are:, Upworks and 99Designs.

All these services allow you to browse suppliers and even post competitions for designers to complete your work

One of the most important things to do when thinking about your product branding is to create a customer avatar. Think about who it that will be buying your product. Are your customers women? Men? Pet owners? People who like cooking? Sporty types? You need to know who your audience is and make sure that your brand is appropriate to that target audience.  So sit down and have a think about your customer avatar. This will allow you to hone your brand and make sure it’s relevant to your buying audience

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