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by Charles Millar

3 minute read

What benefits can independent review sites like Trustpilot bring to your eCommerce business?


Everyone has an opinion.

One of the great things about the internet is it gives people the chance to air their own thoughts and feelings, unfiltered, for all the world to see. Gone are the days where you would blindly wander into a shop after seeing an advert on the TV for the latest product only for it to turn out to be a colossal disappointment, as reviews, videos and opinions on message boards allow you to thoroughly research anything you’re interested in purchasing.

Whereas sites such as TripAdvisor and Amazon have been plagued by fake, strange, or negative reviews that can be both inane and hilarious, and individual companies have been famous for censoring negative comments on their sites; aggregate websites such as Trustpilot provide the kind of genuine and trustworthy, platform that ensures transparency and contribution.

So what benefits can Trustpilot bring to you? Whether you’re a consumer or a business, there are a variety of reasons to get on-board with the service.

Transparency is key

Consumer reviews allow consumers to make informed and smart choices when they’re shopping online – all reviews are open to the public and they are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences about everything from the service to the product they’ve bought to the checkout process.

This transparency ensures that reviews are legitimate and this helps to not only build credibility, popularity, and reputation of a company but signpost that they can be trusted, benefiting everyone in the buying and selling process.

Trustpilot is the voice of the customer

At its heart, Trustpilot is a review platform that is made by you and for you. By allowing you to share your buying experiences online it lets you contribute to a much better shopping experience as companies take notice of any negatives in your buying experience and can work towards addressing the kinks and improving their service. According to Econsultancy, customer reviews are 12 times more trusted than manufacturer descriptions and can result in an 18% increase in sales.

What’s in it for eCommerce brands?

When it comes to eCommerce, reviews, more specifically good reviews, are just as important to brands as any sale as they live and die by their reputation online. Trustpilot allows these brands to showcase their reputation to grow their business, drive traffic to their sites by increasing their presence and trustability online, as well as gain and retain customers.

What’s more the service is built specifically to work with the tools your website is built with, Shopify for example. The system can be integrated with across Amazon and pushed out to social channels like Facebook.

Stars stand out in your PPC ads

When it comes to online search, whether organic or paid, it’s the visual that stands out. Adding your Trustpilot star rating to your paid traffic campaigns such as Google Ads can not only raise your quality score but ensure that cost-per-click on ads is lower while click through rates increase.

More than meets the eye for organic search 

Product reviews are SEO rich, meaning that customers who are actively reviewing your products or their shopping experience are generating fresh and relevant content for your business day after day, peppering your website with hundreds of rich keywords. This means that all manner of search engine results can end up leading to your site, casting the net far and wide in driving potential customers to your website.


The shopping experience should be smooth, open, and customer focused because, at the end of the day, the customer voice is king.

Please note that this is considered an advanced strategy – you’ll need access to customer emails as a minimum but more than that you’ll need a strategy on how to make this work for you justifying the costs going forward.

The practicalities…

Trustpilot helps you to collect, integrate and distribute real customer reviews. You can get started absolutely free by signing up for Trustpilot Free, no credit card required. Setting up a free trial will allow you to set up the system and send out 100 invitations to existing customers.

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