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by PBP

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Are you making the most of your Pay-Per-Click advertising budget?


Quarter four (Q4) is the busiest time of year for any retail business whether it’s bricks and mortar or online ecommerce.  What with the big shopping weekends around Black Friday and Cyber Monday and then the run-up to Christmas this time of year can be the difference between an average sales year or a bumper year.

Let’s think about what’s actually going on… for most ecommerce businesses you’re going to be getting a lot more eyeballs on your listings than you would normally. There is a phrase that springs to mind… ”A rising tide lifts all boats” so even if you don’t sell products that are ‘giftable’ you should still see an uplift in sales during these busy few weeks. From our experience the typical sales uplift is anywhere between 2 times to 5 times your normal sales.  But how do you ensure that you use your Pay-Per-Click budget for maximum effect? More importantly, how do you ensure that you don’t eat through your budget prematurely before the sweet-spot occurs?

The obvious answer of course would be to increase your daily budget but this is not always practical or financially sustainable. So, the goal is to get your advert shown as many times as possible and clicked on as many times as possible within your usual budget parameters. Whilst there is no magic bullet to optimising your advertising closely monitoring your ‘bid’ – cost per click – will allow you to adjust this to ensure your budget lasts the full day. As more and more people come online and see your advert, you need to be on top of your bids, tweaking them as needed to stretch out your budget otherwise you’ll see the budget burn through too quickly and you’ll miss out on all the extra eyeballs online.

For normal shopping periods throughout the year, it’s not considered good practice to change your bids too frequently however during Q4 it makes sense to check in at least two or three times a day to understand what’s going on and how much of your budget has already been spent.

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