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by Charles Millar

2 minute read

Amazon ‘search terms’ update


We all know that Amazon are always changing and tweaking aspects of their platform to develop the best processes they can in order to sell products on their platform.

In the training video below, head mentor Charles Millar, is sharing with you an important change that Amazon has made to the back end search terms. When running an eCommerce business and selling products through platforms such as Amazon it is essential to keep up with all the latest changes.

So what are the search terms and why are they necessary?

Search terms are an area of your product listing on Amazon where you can include keywords on your products which are not visible to the customer. These will be keywords that potential customers will be searching when searching for products like yours and helps with your product ranking on the page. For example if you are selling products in the USA, there is a large community of Spanish living there, it can be useful to include keywords in Spanish in the back end to make them relevant to your potential audience.

What is the change that Amazon has made?

Amazon recently restricted the amount of keywords that you can include – you can now only have up to 250 characters. Also Amazon used to provide 5 fields where you could populate these keywords and this has been cut down to 1 field.

So if you haven’t looked at your listing recently you need to make sure that the keywords you have listed in the 1 given field is less than 250 characters. Making sure that you are within the terms of the service and utilising the back end keywords is really important to ensure there are no issues with your listings.

Once you have made this change you need to ensure that you’re also indexing for these keywords. There are various ways you can do this and different software out there that can help with this task. But remember if you’re not indexing for these keywords then they are not helping your listing.

Find out more by watching below:

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