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by PBP

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5 ways to effectively promote your products on Amazon


1) Run a competitor analysis

The first step to promoting your Amazon listings is to understand what you’re up against. For most categories, you can learn a tremendous amount about what customers want and don’t want based on competitor listings.

Read customer reviews and Q&A’s for competitor listings. Customers are very clear on what their preferences are, and often this can inform you about future product enhancements or ideas. Are customers complaining about packaging? How many customers mention price in their reviews? What other products have they mentioned trying in the same category?

How often are competitors updating product content, pictures, or other content? Are they cycling through seasonal photos (i.e. Christmas or Halloween themed?) Do they have clearer messaging of product benefits and usage than you do? How often are they changing pricing and what effect does that seem to have on their sales rank?

If you see a competitor is out of stock, that may be a good time for you to lower pricing and/or increase ads. If you see that competitor reviews are increasing at a faster rate than you, try to figure out the cause. Look for new and innovative ideas such as images or product content from broader categories, and implement them before your competitors.

2) Optimise your listing

Customers make decisions within seconds on whether they want to further engage with a product listing or go back to search results. Therefore, ensuring that you keep the customer engaged on your listing is essential if you are going to have a chance to convert them into a sale.

Titles really do matter – does your title clearly describe to customers what the item is and if it is relevant to their needs and what they searched for? Does it tell you the primary benefit of the product? Does it do all of this concisely so it isn’t too long to read?

Bullets are your friend – this is your chance to sell. Make sure you cover all the key areas that customers need answered before they have to scroll. Mention key facts and unique selling points. Also avoid having bullets that are more than a few lines long since most customers are simply skimming this section rather than reading it in full.

Images are important – your main photo should clearly show what the product is before zooming/panning in. Additional photos should provide additional angles of the product, and if relevant lifestyle imagery. It is also probably worthwhile having one image of the ‘back of the box’ showing ingredients, instructions, etc.

Product descriptions are your last chance to convince the customer that your product is right for them – use this to cover off any important points that you have not already covered. Use your brand voice here and reiterate key selling points while mentioning any supporting facts that can help customers understand why they need to buy now.

3) Encourage customer reviews

Customer reviews on your product listing provide the social proof you need for people to take your product seriously and be willing to make a purchase from you. Getting reviews however is not as straightforward as it might appear.

There are several tactics that can be used to legally encourage your customers to leave feedback. For example, email follow ups are a proven tactic that many of the successful sellers employ. Sellers are allowed to send follow up emails to customers related to a specific order, and there are several automated services available that can help you manage this process. Alternatively, you might like to consider including a marketing insert inside the packaging of your product to allow you to carry brand and product messages. Often, a personal message and a request for a review on an insert works well.

4) Run sponsored product ads

Amazon has its own advertising platform that allows you to market your product to customers on Amazon – called Amazon Sponsored Ads. It is a pay per click (PPC) model that allows you to promote your products based on customer search results. Running sponsored product ads is a fundamental part of your success on Amazon. It requires a significant understanding of the process involved in setting this up to ensure you get the best results.

5) Take advantage of promotions

Promotions offered through the Amazon platform including things like Lightning Deals and discount coupons are a great way to get more eyeballs on your listing to help generate sales. These are most effective when used at strategically-timed periods or when launching a new product on the market. The increased sales can help generate reviews and ultimately help your product rank better in customer searches.

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